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The GLG Writers

Sarah T.
Sarah is co-editor and co-founder of Girls Like Giants. Her day jobs involve editing, reporting, and copious amounts of coffee. Her writing has appeared in publications including The Hairpin, The Billfold, Racialicious, The Brooklyn Rail, and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. Her favorite Paul Simon song is “The Coast,” but “Graceland” is a close second. Email her about stories and potential whale-watching trips at

Phoebe B.
Phoebe is co-editor and co-founder of Girls Like Giants. She has a PhD from University of Oregon, is an avid TV watcher and lover of teen dramas and all things murder-mystery related. When not teaching or sitting in front of her computer writing academic things or GLG posts, you can probably find her walking her dog, Lewis around Atlanta. One time she co-wrote a book about ninjas.

Melissa S.
Melissa Sexton has a PhD from the University of Oregon, where she studied ecocriticism and American literature about wilderness and agriculture. She spends her spare time writing about entirely different things: 21st century hip-hop, CW television shows, and gender in music videos.

Chelsea B.
Chelsea Bullock is a PhD candidate at the University of Oregon writing a dissertation about reality television in the U.S.. She is a member of the Fembot Collective and co-editor of Fembot’s Laundry Day feature. Follow Chelsea on Twitter to read more on fashion, feminism, pop culture, and celebrity.

Sarah S.
Sarah S’s official loves are modernism and World War I literature, which is why she wants to be a flapper for Halloween. When not thinking of new things to write for GLG, you can find her rock climbing, running, eating, or opining loudly.

Chelsea H.
Chelsea H. is a student, a teacher, an interminable nerd and medievalist by day, cook and wannabe caterer by night (and TV chef and food critic in her dreams). She also blogs at, where she shares her love of food and food writing.

Brian P.

Brian Psiropoulos is a dad and PhD candidate in English literature. He likes stuff, especially gothic Victorian novels, superhero comics, and video games. Also tennis.

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