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Quick and Dirty PLL Recap: Blind Dates

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PLL is so smart: Literary References and Hitchcock

Sarah: Hello Phoebe-Friend!
Starting off: I was so excited about The Great Gatsby reference at the start of the episode with the pair of glasses on the billboard looking down at them right! PLL is obsessed with that book.

Phoebe: I do love how PLL is obsessed with that book

Sarah: AND then I looked up the name on the billboard, Dr Lars Thorwald–who is the murderer in Rear Window! it is a double-threat reference!

Phoebe: oooh so cool! PLL  is so smart

Ian is dead! Long live A!

Sarah: So, let’s go to the biggest bang: what are your thoughts on Ian in the barn!

Phoebe: oh my god! I was so suprised. So so surprised. I totally thought that he was alive and still creepy. But now he can’t be A! Or maybe he was part of the A team … but was betrayed or something. Were you so surprised?

Sarah: I was! I like the idea that he may be part of an A-tag team… I guess it also might make sense if he was not A but was involved with Ali’s murder from the get-go in some way. I’m glad that PLL made that development show-wise though, I think it’ll help push the story forward.

Phoebe: yeah I think you might have a point …

Who Killed Ali? And who is A? We might never know …
Sarah: Did you see the interview with the show creator that said we won’t solve either mystery until the last season?

Phoebe: No! I’m so sad about that … I want to know the end of the mystery! So badly!

Sarah: Me too… we will have a long road ahead it seems

Phoebe: oh my … PLL is so seductive!

Hanna Goes to Therapy and Other Stories

Sarah: In other character storylines, I loved Hanna’s imaginary confrontation with Ali, and the way it was interwoven with the double date. I’m also highly relieved that it looks like she’s on the way to forgiving Caleb.

Phoebe: Me too! on both counts … I really liked the therapist and Hannah situation. Also, I was so surprised that the therapist’s office was trashed!

Sarah: Yeah, I think whoever A is definitely does not like the idea of Hanna moving on and opening up. Which makes sense, because A’s power over the girls depends on how much they allow themselves to be prisoners of Ali.

Phoebe: exactly!

Sarah: since the only reason they can’t tell anyone what’s going on is that they’re afraid the real story of the Jenna thing will get out (and some of their other secrets too).

Phoebe: Yeah I think you’re right except sometimes I am so confused as to why they keep on lying!

Who likes Pottery? Not Aria. But she might like Jason.

Phoebe: Also, aria no longer likes pottery?! And where did Jenna go after last week’s dramatic confrontation?
Sarah: Maybe she quit post-confrontation? Jenna is probably making pottery about anger and betrayal. Which is good, I understand ceramics are very therapeutic that way.

Phoebe: So true! I think Aria could use that therapy too. Speaking of Aria … I did rather like the Aria and Jason pink hair interaction. It made Jason seem a lot less creepy.

Sarah: Yeah, agreed! He was pretty sweet with her, I thought. Isn’t it weird how he’s like, I don’t remember years of my life from when I was Mike’s age? I guess we’re supposed to assume that’s because of partying? But it just seems like spontaneous and convenient amnesia.

What’s happening to Spenser?

Sarah: Oh and also: do you get the sense that Spencer is losing her marbles officially? Throughout the episode she keeps pressing against the wall in the shadows

Phoebe: Oooh no … why did you get that sense?

Sarah: I feel like she’s just become a bit unhinged post-ring-stealing. Or maybe the ring-stealing was a sign of the unhinging. Not that I blame her, I would be going crazy too if my sister’s husband tried to kill me and then disappeared and then came back, sort of. Oh, and seemed to die.

Phoebe: Yes I do believe I would feel strange too.

Final PLL Thoughts & All Star Players

Sarah: Okay chica do you think this is down and dirty enough?

Phoebe: I do think so. Any final thoughts?

Sarah: Oh yes: one of my favorite things about the double date scene was how Hanna was obsessively bringing snacks to Lucas and Danielle, and then recognizing just how much she was being her mother. I totally think they are the same. Hanna’s shoplifting = Ashley’s embezzling, they are beautiful and terrible at having full refrigerators, etc. What about you?

Phoebe: yes yes I agree. And I really really liked that she helped Lucas go on a date with newspaper girl. Adorable.

Sarah: Totally! She wins the episode award in my book.

Phoebe: Definitely. She is the all star player of PLL for me.

  1. Ummmm, can we talk about how A put something in someone’s bag outside the barn and I’m sooooooooooooo afraid it was Spenser’s bag! I just can’t handle her being further implicated in this murder. I mean, as I was rewatching the 1st season last week, the thing that just wrenched my heart was Spenser starting to lose it when her mom was maybe thinking she was somehow involved in the murder….I just want to take care of her, because her family is so awful! And I kept waiting for Melissa to scream that it was her fault that Ian was dead….Oh Spenser!

  2. Yeah, I also think it’s Spenser’s bag… A has got it out for her in a big way. I think A hates her the most (maybe because she’s the one who most frequently takes steps to solve the mystery)….

  3. OMG, okay. Taking a work break and watching PLL, Season 2, episode 1. Guys, I think something is going on with Jason Blahblahblah (I’m so bad at remembering names). So, episode 1, there’s this ham-fisted, super-clumsy scene with Jenna and Garrett in the cop car. Garrett has just convinced the girls to not tell the cops about the videos, and J/G are talking about why Jason would move back into the house. (I wish they were talking about why he has a new face, but no……..). And here’s the clumsy dialogue:

    Garrett: Maybe he’s looking for –
    Jenna: Don’t. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Garrett: If anybody finds out about the Jason thing…
    Jenna: We won’t let that happen.

    And now, Jason talking about how he doesn’t remember whole patches of the summer Ali died? I dunno, guys…I think this was a tricky one. I think at one level it’s a reference to all the drugs Jason did…but I also think PLL is building up another mystery (or red herring) that involves something Jenna did to Jason that summer.

    Was Jason helping Ian film those videos? (Since this season has also been building up their friendship). Did Jenna do something to Jason to keep him quiet? Does Jason know something about Ali and Jenna and….AGH!

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