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PLL Roundtable: Season 2 Episode 8, “Save the Date”

In girl culture, Pretty Little Liars, teen soaps on August 4, 2011 at 6:33 am

This week, we quake in fear of the morgue (though the cookies there are always fresh), decline to take steroid cream in our coffee, and root for the end of Azria.

A is so scary! Also, does A live in the Rosewood morgue? Maybe.


Phoebe:  lying in the morgue?!?!?

Sarah:  A sitting up under the sheet in the morgue soooo slowly

Phoebe:  so scary!

Sarah:  It was the scariest A tag ever I thought

Phoebe: I was a little sad that I was home alone at that moment

Sarah:  I can definitely understand that.

Buried Alive! Not the best way to go.

Sarah: And A’s morgue appearance in combination with the information that Ali was buried alive made this episode especially scary/morbid.

Phoebe: And that page 5 is missing?!

Sarah:   Yes!

Phoebe: Oooh the buried alive is so scary! And more disturbing than I feel like we had previously imagined.

Sarah:  Yeah. Really the violence of the crime has been played down pretty significantly, which makes sense for a teen show, until now.

Phoebe: I totally agree … I felt like this was a seriously upping of the violence in an unexpected way.

My isn’t this pottery pretty: The Return of Jenna

Phoebe: What was up with Jenna and Garrett in the car? It made them seem so guilty!

Sarah:  Oh wait remind me about that part?

Phoebe: Garrett and Jenna in the cop car talking about what Spencer may or may not know and then they mention something about Jason that feels like a red herring but also feels like super creepy.

Sarah: But then Jenna says something that seems to make her seem like not-A, right? I forget what it was but I remember thinking A wouldn’t say that

Phoebe: I don’t think they are A oddly enough, in part because I think the show is trying so hard to frame them as A, but I feel like they are involved somehow and also SO creepy

Sarah:  Yeah. Definitely they have information on Ali that they are not sharing

Phoebe: Also, I am so glad that the girls finally saw them making out, although I was pretty shocked that Garrett did not notice them at all. And information on Jason I think that they are not sharing

Sarah:  He was probably too enticed by Jenna’s lacy black lingerie

Phoebe:  Well I can see how that might happen

Who’s next? And sometimes pain cream is laced with steroids … Poor Em.

 Phoebe: I feel like last night’s episode was super creepy, for example, revelation of Ali’s file and that she was buried alive, and also, Emily’s creepy lotion/pain cream situation

Sarah:  Oh yeah! Let’s talk about that

Phoebe: Also, I love how Hanna was like: “Aria is probably next”

Sarah:  hahahaha. She is the only one who hasn’t gotten hit hard, truly

Phoebe: too true too true

And the award for best parent goes to …

 Sarah:  With Emily, I thought her dad was so great

Phoebe: Right?!

Sarah:  very understanding and good parent-y

Phoebe: So great… and he I feel like is the best parent we’ve seen, save for perhaps Ella

Sarah:  totally. They are the most together and the most consistently aware of what’s in their children’s best interests

Phoebe: Exactly. Also, Hanna’s dad leaving = big deal. Snd also I was impressed with Hanna’s mom (speaking of parents) standing up for herself and also liked how they dealt with the Hanna being disappointed/angry situation

Sarah:  Yes! Me too on all fronts. I think that was a very emotionally true dynamic. I get why the dad would be freaking out/going back to the mom, why the mom would be at first pleased but then realize it wouldn’t work, and why Hanna would be confused and mad and disappointed

Phoebe: Exactly. What do you think of the person following Caleb? Something to do with his parents?

Sarah:  Oh right! I think you’re right that he has something to do with his parents. My guess is the mom. What do you think?

Phoebe: Yes I concur … Something to do with one of his parents is what I imagine but then Hanna getting involved is going to clearly cause ripples … And also I feel like introducing Spencer’s family’s cabin seems oddly important too. But how?!

Sarah:  maybe another person will hide out there! People love hiding out in various properties on this show

Oh Hanna … What is next for our favorite shopholic?

 Sarah:  Also related to Hanna. I think they were playing up the other PLLs’ mild annoyance with her this episode partially for humor. But I wonder if that’s going to be important soon.

Phoebe: Hmm how so?

Sarah:  I don’t know – but between last week (where we saw Emily getting frustrated at being her roommate) and this week  (where all of them kept getting a little annoyed with her) it seems to be a trend.

Phoebe: Yeah I felt like there was more annoyance last week too, than this week.

Sarah: so I’m just curious if maybe we’ll see a friendship dynamic shift

Phoebe: Interesting … I can’t wait to see what happens!

Aria Hearts Forbidden Love

 Sarah: Oh also, Ezra knows something is up with Aria and Jason and I am glad

Phoebe: Yes yes he does!

Sarah:  because Jason is way more exciting!

Phoebe: And man Aria and Jason = hot sexual tension. Jason is so much better! And he was so absent from this episode … And Ezra feels so not interesting right now . Maybe their chemistry dissipated after their romance was no longer forbidden?!

Sarah: Yeah! I think that may well be part of it which also would make sense why Aria’s drawn to Jason he’s forbidden in a different way

Phoebe: Yes so true … maybe she only likes those that she cannot have? Which seems a wee bit problematic, but alas she is a teenager right?

Sarah:  yeah I think you are right … It’s a very teen-life view of romance

Next Week = More dresses with zippers, ditch digging, and other PLL mischief

 Sarah: predictions/hopes for next week?

Phoebe: oh good question! Something is clearly afoot with Jenna and Garrett, and I feel like they will set something in motion. Also, I feel like Melissa will come back soon and also what’s up with the reappearance of Wren? Maybe he is important too, though I can’t imagine why

Sarah:  Mine are: Hanna wears more dresses with zippers, Emily and Samara make out finally, Spencer maybe meditates someplace for just a little while, and Aria remembers that she’s not that much older than Mike and is not his mom

Phoebe: Oh yes! I love those predictions. Also, Caleb thinks about stealing a car but remembers he has a moral compass

Sarah: Oh yeah I like that one! Ooh yeah, Wren’s reappearance is interesting. I’m glad he’s back because I think he’s cute.

Phoebe: He is cute! And after Spencer’s heart …

Sarah:  definitely

Phoebe: Also, hopefully Toby will dig another ditch and find something incriminating

Sarah:  hahah yes. What if every time he does landscaping he finds more evidence

Phoebe: YES. That would be best

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