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GLG Weekly Round-Up

In Weekly Round-Up on November 12, 2011 at 8:26 am

This week, really interesting articles on Penn State riots (and Sandusky firing); two from Lesley Kinzel; a few responses to the really offensive Ashley Madison ads (including one amazing interview with Juicy Jaqui herself); one from Lynda Barry in the NYT; and one on race, beauty, and modeling; and a nicer take on the Kim Kardashian situation. Enjoy!

On Penn State (from Racialicious):

From the wonderful LESLEY KINZEL, “the impostor syndrome:”

From xoJane, a great interview with Juicy Jacqui on the disrespectful appropriation of her image by Ashley Madison, an agency that helps married people cheat: (this is the guy that runs this not-at-all delightful company:

A nicer take on the Kim/Kris break-up:

Dan Kois on Lynda Barry and her mission to show the world that art is for everybody:

Carolita Johnson’s story of race, beauty standards, and modeling is amazingly powerful:

And this is awesome (and oldie but a goodie) from Two Whole Cakes:

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