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How to Be Awesome Like Hanna Marin

In girl culture, Pretty Little Liars, teen soaps on January 10, 2012 at 2:37 pm

Phoebe B.

As any viewer of Pretty Little Liars knows, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are a force to be reckoned with. To celebrate the return of our mystery-solving teens to regular television programming, several of the Girls Like Giants crew teamed up to crack the awesomeness codes of the core four.

Hanna is one of my favorite PLLs (although I love them all for different and various reasons) in part because she is the funniest PLL, but also because just like the rest of them she is far from perfect. Part of what makes her so awesome is that she is both loyal and tricky at times; sometimes she gets hurt and makes crazy choices but other times she is the best of friends; I feel for her when A (and/or Ally) is mean to her (often more than for the other ladies) and I think her sense of humor often makes the show. So here are a few ways to be awesome like Hanna.

Hanna with some mighty fine shoplifted sunglasses

Most importantly, always cut tension between your friends with some humor and witty one-liners

Never use your powers for evil. Even when Hanna becomes the new “it” girl post-Ally, she is never mean (in the way that Mona is) and instead befriends Lucas (to whom Mona is quite cruel), joins the student paper briefly, and is an all around nice gal.

Be a super loyal and supportive friend to the other PLLS. For example, invite your best friend stay with you (Em) when her parents move out of town AND give your soon-to-be boyfriend a place to stay when he has no home (remember, Caleb briefly slept in the school library). Hanna is also seemingly always the first one to find out about the other PLLs secrets (for example, that Em is gay, about Aria and Fitz’s super secret romance, etc) and she is always 100% there for her friends. She even tries to intimidate a guy who is following Caleb in order to protect him (she thinks he is a police officer, although he is not). Hanna is just pretty much the best of friends.

Maybe ruin your dad’s wedding, but only after your dad cheats on his fiancé with your mom. Plus you have to prevent having an evil stepsister. Okay, so that wasn’t the most awesome move, but at least Hanna is honest (a strange thing to say perhaps about one of our main Pretty Little Liars).

Avoid being judgmental of your mom, your friends, the boys that have crushes on you. Even when Hanna’s mom embezzles money from an elderly woman, Hanna tries to help her out rather than judge her or get angry at her. Or when Caleb is still sleeping in the library (pre-offering him her basement), Hanna doesn’t judge him in the way the other PLLs do. Nor does she judge Lucas, as mean girl Mona does. Pretty much, this PLL is super supportive, although she does call it like she sees sometimes (which is also awesome).

Sometimes care more about fashion than high school and wear awesome things like pink leopard print shirts. In the most recent episode Hanna donned a delightful pink leopard print top with some skinny jeans and heels. Amazing. And then she had that great zipper dresses phase with giant heels. As Hanna says to Emily, “I’m going to pick out my college the same way I pick out my clothes—from a catalogue!”

Have a brief shoplifting phase, but get over it after a little trouble with the mall-law. And steel great sunglasses by flirting with the store clerk. Not ethically grand, but pretty impressive skills. After Hanna’s mom is forced to sleep with the creepy detective post-shoplifting in order to clear the charges against her, Hanna gives up the shoplifting game for good.

Care what you look like in an orange jumpsuit and then have your friend find all pictures of you in said jumpsuit and take them offline (also, Lucas is the best!). Most recently, an orange jumper clad Hanna with the other PLLs cleaned up trash as part of their tampering with evidence sentence and it seems Hanna had Lucas track down all the pics of her and take them down.

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