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A link worth reading: women’s clothing

In gender on January 18, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Chelsea H.

Been shopping lately?  Feeling cranky about what’s available out there?  Are you (like me) still trying to vault the awkward distance between the junior section and the “missus” or whatever the “young semi-professional adult who isn’t petite, doesn’t want to be frumpy or provocative, and can’t afford designer labels” section is called?

This article from is a good read, I think, and addresses many of my cranky complaints.  I’m especially in agreement about #4: Arbitrary Clothing Sizes.  In pants alone, I wear a 10 in missus sizes from JC Penney’s, an 11 in juniors, a 6 at Ann Taylor, and at Old Navy, jeans advertised as the same size differ depending on the color.  What’s a girl to do?

Thoughts?  Similar issues?  Grievances to add?

  1. Even at 34 years old I feel like I’m in some go between the post juniors and grandma department. I can find age appropriate professional clothing for work, but I have no idea how to dress on the weekends. I live in the OC where everybody seems to dress like their 15 year old daughter which is a look I’m not fond of!

  2. Fake pockets are the worst, with how they trick you.

  3. POCKETS FOR EVERYONE!!!! Maybe we can start a pocket lobby or a revolution. Maybe I can have an ill-fitting t-shirt made.

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