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Pretty Little Liars Recap, “The Naked Truth” (Season 2, Episode 18)

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This week the little liars get locked up in the school; call an unknown number in order to unravel the truth about Vivian Darkbloom; make alliances with Mona; learn about half siblings; and take down evil high school rivals/step sisters (aka Kate). Read on for musings and opinions on this week’s PLL.

Why is the principal so mean to Emily? And, also do you trust Mona helping Em?

Chelsea: The principal does seem like such a jerk, and I don’t know why. He talks to Emily like a colleague rather than a kid who goes to his school. And I kind of trust Mona, but not enough to think that she’s doing this without some ulterior motive. I don’t think that ulterior motive is necessarily bad, but it’s there.

Melissa: I totally think Mona has an ulterior motive, though part of me thinks that motive might be as innocent as, “Hmmmmm…gonna get another friend. Yes I am.”  But there was that one quid pro quo moment when Mona asked Emily to return a favor, then played it off like, “Oh man, what to wear to this swim meet?” Maybe she wants Emily to help her get in with the other PLLs so she can help wreak some retribution on Jenna. I mean, girl’s gotta reason to want revenge now too. As far as the principal goes, I have no idea as to why he hates Emily so much. Maybe he’s part of A. Maybe he just hates pretty women – he was mean to Hanna, her mother, the other Mrs. Marin, and Kate, too.

What do you think about the Jason is a Hastings reveal?

Chelsea: Does it make me a bad person to say that I think Spencer overreacted (during the conversation with her mom)? I mean, she’s 17 or whatever, but still. Otherwise, it’s a semi-interesting twist.

Melissa: I so saw this coming!!!!  I was not surprised at all. And if I was Spencer, I would have flipped my shit too. Okay, so some of the lines were a little teen-dramatic, but I would be pissed if my dad had been lying about my secret brother too and then, y’know, burning evidence involved with my best friend’s murder because he believed his son was a murderer!!!! Mr. Hastings is one of my least favorite parents, ugh. I’m kinda disappointed that Jason is Spencer’s brother, though. It felt a little too obvious for Pretty Little Liars.

Phoebe: I too was not shocked, but intrigued and I love that this came out via a flashback about Melissa and Jason making out. Also, I totally agree that Mr. Hastings is one of my least favorite parents (my even my least favorite!) and I felt bad for Spencer’s mom too in this instance …

What are your thoughts on Hanna’s sleuthing (re: Kate not having a birthmark in the leaked picture!)?

Chelsea: Hanna is so great. So, so great. I also love that she willingly admitted to slimming her own thighs using Photoshop when she knew that the recorded conversation was going to have to be heard by other adults, at least the principal and Kate’s mom.

Melissa: That seemed like a very fortuitous sweater snag!  I think this episode had me so hooked at the time, but in retrospect, I’m all “Please……” I mean, Kate cracked so quickly for someone that’s supposedly such a bad B. I’m so glad that Hanna found out, though, and what a strange, low thing for Kate to do.

Phoebe: A fortuitous sweater snag, indeed! I am so glad that Hanna found out and I agree Chels, that she is just so great. Good sleuthing, Hanna! And I loved the recording the conversation in the bathroom with the other PLLs … It was nice for a change to see the PLLs plot against a mean person and win (unlike every time they go up against A).

Why are Noel and Jenna just standing in the middle of a dark classroom, silently waving their flashlights at Post Secret-style confessions? And who do you think wrote “I know who killed Alison DiLaurentis?”

Chelsea: Because they’re terrifying. Jenna is reptilian and Noel is a robot.

Melissa: I don’t think they wrote it. I don’t know why. Maybe because after seeing Holden kick the crap out of Noel on the roof (bahahahahahahahaha!) I don’t find Noel quite as creepy as I did in the past. Even though he was all creeping around the school in a hoodie, I just don’t buy him as that scary right now.

Phoebe: It is true they are terrifying. Also, this week I am sticking to my guns and think that Holden is in a fight club (which is clearly why he can’t talk about it). Also, shouldn’t Noel have been reading what was chalked on the board to Jenna? Or can she mysteriously see all of a sudden?

Are the pretty little moms going to finally take action to rescue their daughters from the hellmouth that is their stalked existence? And relatedly, didn’t they already start figuring out that something was up with their kids after the scary fashion show last season?

Chelsea: Maybe. But also, they’re each so busy and distracted that I’m not sure they have the attention spans to keep up.

Are you worried about the ‘A tag’ from this week? Do you think Caleb is in danger?

Chelsea: Yes and yes.

Melissa: I do worry about Caleb, but I was a bit relieved that A went after the laptop rather than Caleb himself. Oh Caleb. You just are not that good at sneakiness, are you? Leaving the laptop full of evidence laying out and sleeping like an innocent, no allies around you. If I was being stalked by A, I think I would just devise a system to permanently attach all my electronic devices to my body. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea, given my propensity for losing things.

Phoebe: Yes, yes, and yes. I don’t want PLL to kill off Caleb as I am enjoying having somebody else on the PLL team and he is so great (and good looking).

  1. To satisfy Sarah’s dreams, here are my notes – even less decipherable days after the fact:

    Way to go Aria, stepping up with some game.

    Mrs. Marin 2 is an uberbitch. Battle of the Goldilocks!

    ABC Family gone wild!

    JASON! Okay, he’s cute. And crazy intense. Nice highlights.

    Best mom ever, Mrs. Marin 1.
    Though judgy for an embezzler.

    “What’s a spigot??!?!?!”

    CALEB IS AWESOME and he’s gonna get A-stomped.

    everyone telling Em she’s too scared – what’s the goading?

    “Baste me in bling and call me Bvlgari!”

    “Honey, you can’t be a shark if you’re toothless.”


    No, please, show someone the recording ASAP. No, stop going places alone – YOU ARE BEING STALKED BY MURDERERS.


    ARIA! Why did you let this happen?


    “If I had a pom-pon, I’d shake it.”

    Too much like homecoming night…..

    The lesson here? Mona is full of the best quotes this week!

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