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GLG Weekly Round-Up

In Uncategorized, Weekly Round-Up on May 11, 2012 at 7:47 pm

On the Avengers & sexism (and thanks to Jessica for this link!)

At Racialicious: Three characters of color who probably won’t benefit from The Avengers’ success

And another Avengers article on how the kickass Black Widow got ignored by many male movie critics (courtesy of Ehren)

Amazing presentation, posted on Native Appropriations, that traces the Urban Outfitters’ misuse and appropriation of Navajo and the subsequent scandal

At The Rumpus, Steve Almond on what Mitt Romney’s response to revelations about his past as a high school bully can tell us about him as a person and a politician

Chis Brown is the worst; Drake is ambiguously insulting; Rihanna deserves better than both

The Rejectionist on the struggle to learn what, and how, to fight


  1. Ooh, great links on Avengers discussions. I found the discussion of “mewling quim” to be especially fascinating, as well as Whedon’s highlighting of Black Widow as the subtle power behind the bunch.
    On those same lines (ie, Whedon’s feminism making Black Widow awesome), did anyone else feel like there was an awful lot (in a good way) of the sexual female gaze (for example, all those glorious shots of Captain America’s bum) that we didn’t get in the other flicks? I think Whedon was being even more sneaky and awesome than we all realized at first viewing. But then, I’ve only seen it once, so perhaps I’m now getting the full picture yet. I was fairly well distracted by all those nice male forms in tight outfits.

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