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Welcome Back Pretty Little Liars!

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Next week, the Pretty Little Liars are back! And a few of us at GLG are pretty excited for their mystery-filled summer return. But before they’re on our screens again, we thought a little pre-season catch-up might be in order. Read on for our thoughts on last season, our favorite and least favorite beaus, and some predictions for the PLL’s summer homecoming.

In your opinion, what are some of the most important things that happened last season?

Phoebe: Jenna can see! Remember when she hit that fly in the mirror and it was AMAZING. Also, Mona is A or part of A and also pretty crazy, it turns out. Poor Hannah … But, oh man was Mona’s final monologue in the season finale amazing (and Norman Bates-esque). And, Mona was visited by somebody (maybe Vivian Darkbloom?) while in the mental hospital. Also, definitely worth noting, A is definitely a group of people, not a single person. The therapist is back but I’m a little bit worried that she has returned to do A’s bidding, rather than help the PLLs. Importantly, the season ended with the PLLs finding out that Maya is most likely dead and most likely killed by A, whomever that may be.

Melissa: Phoebe really hit the highlights. Can you say VIVIAN DARKBLOOM? Also, love-problems: Aria’s dad tried to send Mr. Fitz to Georgia; Toby thinks Spencer was dating Wren (or does he?!?!?!) and seems to be back in service of Jenna; the probably-dead Maya seemed to have some secret goings-on that she kept from Emily, and I’m not talking about under-water light-mobiles; and Caleb is going behind Hanna’s back to elude her overly-protective, blender-wielding, thumb-drive-demolishing ways. Also, the moms thought about mobilizing again to protect their daughters, though that hasn’t yet come to fruition.

Sarah: Since you two have covered the most important plot points, I’ll focus on the most important style points. Aria wore neon platform clogs and ladder pants and some kind of dead Muppet vampire vest. Wren perfected the rumpled, spritely English gentleman vibe. Paige dressed in a tuxedo at the final dance and she looked hot. Mona was a vision at all times and I started wearing a side ponytail so I could be more like her, although now it appears I should also invest in an oversized black hoodie and a straitjacket.

Marry, Date, Dump: Ezra, Caleb, Paige, Lucas, Wren, Toby?

Phoebe: Definitely marry Caleb. He is the best and I am rooting for him and Hanna as he just seems so kind and great and I am hoping he is not evil and not part of the A team. I might date Toby or Paige or Wren. Toby though is so moody and grumpy, although in fairness Spencer kind of jerked him around. And Paige I find delightful and she likes Emily so much and she is so much nicer than Maya (or at least now she is nicer. Granted she was totally a jerk to Emily back in the day). But, she does come on a little strong, at least for Emily’s taste. Then there’s Wren whom I think is adorable, but maybe a little shady given that the kissed Spencer while he was engaged to Melissa. But also sweet since he let drunk Spencer sleep on his couch and refused her drunk advances in favor of sober Spencer. But, I’m still not sure about him. Dump: Ezra for sure. I just can’t ever get over him sleeping with his student and then continuing the relationship while he remained her teacher. And, I find him whiny and that is annoying.

Sarah: Dump Ezra fooor sure. Not only for the reasons you mention, but also because he never makes jokes. All he likes is holding hands and going public over and over again as if it hasn’t already happened twenty times and teaching semester-long high school seminars on single books. He also really likes Winesburg, Ohio, which is a good book. But it’s not the only one. Read more books, Ezra!

I’d definitely marry Caleb too (do you think he’s cool with polygamy?). He’s a great boyfriend to Hanna, supportive and funny and more than ready to call her out when she starts throwing appliances around. Also I like his face.

And speaking of faces! I’d have to date Wren, because: look at him. I could listen to him talk in his plummy accent and play records at his apartment, and since he was never engaged to my sister, I wouldn’t even have to feel bad about it.

Melissa: To challenge myself, I’m going to pick two for each category. Dump – Ezra, obviously. Ummm, hello? You’re in your twenties, and somehow you’re letting your psychotic ex-fiance blackmail your teenage girlfriend while you’re also getting blackmailed by her dad in some weird academic political mindgame? Pull it together, son. Also dump Lucas. I thought he was sweet and supportive, but he went off the deep end (literally!) with the whole comic-book, gambling-debt, boat-stalking thing. I prefer direct communication to sneaky nautical insinuations.

Date – Paige and Wren. Wren is a little shady with his whole kissing-the-fiancee’s-sister thing, but he’s also sweet and sometimes just seems misguided. I could put up with that for a while. When he came to apologize to Spencer season 1 AND when he refused her drunk advances, he seemed sweet. But remember when he abetted the disappearance of Ian? Just saying. Also, Paige is fine, but she’s always rubbed me the wrong way. She’s too pushy! She cares about Emily a lot, but she just shows up and demands attention and then fades away again. Probably the writing’s fault, but hey.

Marry – Toby and Caleb. I remain Team Toby 4 life, and I am trying to convince myself that his over-the-top meanness to Spencer is an elaborate ruse – that he knows more than he’s letting on and trying to weasel his way into Jenna’s confidences. I like both Toby and Caleb because, well, they’re smoking hot, but also because they’re dating the girls that remind me of myself – the feisty, overly independent, yet overly sensitive ones who balk, mistrust, and run away.  That said, Caleb also gets major props from me for not listening to Hannah’s overly protective ways. Mystery trumps romance every time, and I like a man who wants his share of the sleuthing.

Predictions for the rest of the A team? Who are they? Who is their ringleader?

Melissa: Melissa has to be in on it somehow. Also, I’m not ready to let the Jason-Garrett-Jenna-Ian conglomerate off the hook – they’re just too sinister. Also, Noel Kahn? He had to have something to do with something, given his fling with Mona. But then again, I could see Lucas being part of the A team too; maybe his and Mona’s hatred was an elaborate cover, and they were both using the A-mantel to avenge their outcast status.

Sarah: I think Black Swan/Red Coat is the ringleader, and I vote Vivian Darkbloom as the woman behind both. If Lucas is part of the A-team I feel so, so awful for Hanna, but I’d also appreciate that twist because it flips the script on him as the nerdy, powerless underdog. I think Jenna’s in on the A-team too, but maybe not Garrett, Jason, or Ian — Jenna knows how to double-agent these kinds of scenarios, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been working both sides.

Phoebe: I agree with both of you! I too think Black Swan/Red Coat is the ringleader and I am still voting for Ally’s twin/Vivian Darkbloom. And, I have a feeling (although perhaps it is a red herring) that the crew–including Lucas–who followed the Black Swan at the masquerade into some random room are the A team. That also, was the only good part of that horribly boring masquerade ball.

What are your hopes and dreams for the summer season?

Melissa: Aria finally just stops the whole Ezra-dream-montage. Spencer and Toby get back together. We discover what happened to Mona. We discover that something deeper is going on with Mona, and she and Hannah manage to salvage some semblance of friendship – their relationship was so interesting, given it was one of the few relationships on the show not driven by blood connections, romance, or the alliance against A.

Sarah: I would like that development with Mona and Hanna too, Melissa! Or if their friendship is irrecoverable, as it might well be, I hope the show keeps exploring their relationship as it spirals into whatever insane form it’ll take next. Other hopes I have include lots more Ali and Vivian Darkbloom, a resolution to the Maya mystery, and that this show never ever goes off the air because I honestly believe the Pretty Little Liars are my real friends.

Phoebe: Yes to all your hopes and dreams! I totally want more Mona, she is so amazing! And, I too hope Spencer and Toby get back together and that Toby isn’t evil. Also, I can’t wait to find out who the rest of the A team is …

Did we miss anything? What are you looking forward to PLL fans?

  1. I really, truly love these PLL recaps/discussions. They really are awesome and I look forward to reading more when the show returns next week. I loved Sarah’s quote about hoping the show never goes off the air and that the PLL are her real friends….I LOVED IT!!! When I was reading it, I was like yeah, me too! LOL! Love this blog, keep up the great work. I hope to read more soon 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Makeda!! And, I know Sarah is SO right. The PLLs are the best of friends! We definitely love writing the recaps and so glad that you like them! Thanks so much for reading!

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