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Weekly Round-Up

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2012 at 3:55 pm

A cornucopia of idea-feasts from around the web this week.

From Aymar Jean Christian on Televisual, “She Got Problems” Will Make You Sing and Laugh on Alison McDonald’s hilarious web shorts.

From Kendra James on Racialicious, a great post on race, cosplay, and fandom: “Race + Fandom: When Defaulting to White isn’t an Option

And also on Racialicious (via Ashley C.): “Why the Pretty White Girl YA Cover Trend Needs to End,” by Ellen Oh.

A cool post on “Seeing Income Inequality from Space” over at Per Square Mile.

Are you a chaos muppet  or an order muppet? Dahlia Lithwick at Slate poses the most important personality-defining question of our time.

Nature is harsher and more complicated than we tend to imagine: J.B. MacKinnon’s “False Idyll” at Orion

Examining the new generation of action heroines with Inkoo Kang

Why (and whether) we laugh at jokes about taboo subjects: Michael Rottman at The Morning News

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