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Pretty Little Liars Recap, “That Girl is Poison” (Season 3, Episode 5)

In Pretty Little Liars, Recaps, teen soaps on July 13, 2012 at 8:20 am

This week the PLLs were back and super-suspicious of everyone, but with good reason. After all, Jenna did reveal that she could see; Garrett got out of jail for a night (creepy!); and Spencer had some amazing lines. Read on for our thoughts on this week’s PLL adventures.

Is it that girl who is poison?

Is Jenna evil? Or good? And why were there so many awkward hats at her birthday?

Phoebe B: I am SO confused about Jenna. Then again, this entire episode (including the hats) confused me a lot. I definitely did not believe her plea a couple weeks ago to the PLLs, when she asked them to keep her vision a secret. But I was willing to think that she too was being tormented by A, but now I feel confident that she is on the A team (remember when she drove to meet someone we couldn’t see last season?). Aaah!

Sarah T: Hahaha, there were so many weird hats. I don’t know, I feel like a Wonderland theme is a little childish for Jenna. (Although–Red Queen reference to the card Mona was holding and singing about the other week?) Anyways, Jenna seems to walk the line between good and evil — which is the most interesting way to be. Good job, Jenna! Our PLLs do too, if you stop looking at things from their perspective and start thinking about their tacit support of Ali’s reign of terror, their involvement in the fire that blinded Jenna, the lies they told and continue to tell their loved ones, etc. Morally flawed toasts all around. I don’t think I saw anything at the party that made me particularly suspicious that she was part of A, though — Phoebes, did you spot something in particular that made you flip on her?

What did you think about the Ezra-emasculation storyline?

Phoebe B: I think this storyline is hilarious and specifically I thought Spencer and Aria talking about it was priceless. Best Line: Spencer: “Every time you baby squirrel him [Ezra], you’re taking away his nuts.” It is just SO good. I think it was setting us up to be excited about Ezra’s new job, which now I am of course suspicious of. What if A tries to ruin his career again? Or A uses him as a pawn for his schemes in a editorial sort of way.

Sarah T: Yeah I thought the show handled the tension between Aria and Ezra over money/unemployment matters in a funny but realistic way. I like Aria so much better when she’s acting high-strung and over-eager to help. Here, she”s like, “You have no jobs, have sandwiches” and Ezra’s like, “But I am still a manly provider, have a pinhole camera,” and the photographer lady is like “Check out my plaid jacket and owl glasses and fedora hat, I work for J. Jonah Jameson at The Daily Bugle.”  But I want to find out what kind of publication Ezra is going to be an editor for. Also, I want to have coffee with Ezra so we can talk about how our career paths are kind of similar, only I never taught at a high school and I never got offered an associate dean position with only a BA because I don’t live in a fantasy universe.

Did the Liars seem especially amped-up this week? Everyone seemed to be channeling their inner pit bulls when it came to things like compassionate furlough and Jenna regaining her sight.

Phoebe B: Yes! But I also felt like the Liars were off this week … Like they were all in their own worlds and not working very well as a team, which always makes me anxious. Although I feel like Aria was on point this week what with her super secret camera back ruining in order to get into the photographer’s studio. Also, Lucas  was SO angst filled and I miss sweet and awesome and nerdy Lucas (slash what happened to his gambling problem? Was that a front for A team activities and like A team training?)

Sarah T: Yeah, and Hanna was barely in this episode (which made sense because she would be wallowing in post-break-up mode, but  it lent to that feeling of disconnect among the Liars). And Spencer and Emily were pretty hilarious about how despicable they think it is that Garrett gets compassionate furlough to go see his mom, who’s in a coma. They think he may have killed Ali and Maya, so obviously they’re going to be furious at him. But they’ve been around the block enough times to know that He or She Who Is Arrested is not always the same person as He or She Who Is the Factual Culprit. And also Emily’s compassionate instincts usually end up running the show inside her brain, so I’d think she’d be able to accept that Garrett could visit his mom (it’s not like that means he gets to go free or anything).

Ooh that reminds me though, my favorite part of the episode was Spencer seizing the moment when Nate attacks Garrett to hop on the elevator and investigate the coma-mom note. Who is April Rose?

And I also miss Old Lucas, Phoebes! I want Lucas to start talking about what’s going on with him ASAP. I can accept Melissa and Jenna and Mona being permanently shady, but Lucas is the type to spill.

Why would Lucas have the sleeping pills — does this mean he put them in Emily’s flask?

Phoebe B: So this is a really good question! I feel like we are clearly meant to believe that Lucas put the pills in Emily’s flask. However, that definitely makes me believe that he didn’t and is being framed by A so that the PLLs won’t trust him. I feel like Lucas was up to something in the darkroom and with his camera, like he too is trying to figure out what is going on with A (or at least that is what I hope because I like him so much). Also, maybe A put the pills in Lucas’ film case, because we do see A’s shadow in the photoshop and A was likely there to cause some mischief. Also, Lucas is not A right? Because of his crazy approach to Aria after she comes out of the shop, since we saw that A had been in there with her.

Sarah T: I like that theory! Maybe he had photos of the girls at the grave (coincidentally, since we know he’s out and about late at night?) and was trying to get to them, but A swapped out the photos for the pills?

Paige is back, and intense as ever. Are you rooting for her and Emily? And what was your favorite drunk-Paige escapade?

Phoebe B: Oh my goodness, poor Paige! What a rough night she had but I am glad that now we know Emily was drugged as that makes a lot more sense. Also, my favorite part was when she was pissed at Emily and was going to go dance by herself. But I am so glad she is back and I am kind of rooting for her as she seems like she likes Emily so much and has been so patient with her. My only concern was that she was (or is en route to being) co-opted by the A-team.

Sarah T: I liked when she was eating all the frosting off the cupcakes and looking for the coconut one. Also how excited she was (when sober) about Jenna being able to see again. I feel like that was the happiest we’ve ever seen Paige be, just contemplating how cool it was that Jenna wasn’t blind anymore. I can’t say I’m exactly rooting for her and Emily, because I think she’s kind of a mess, but I am definitely rooting for both of them to be happy? So I guess if being together makes that happen, I’m all for it. But then again their lives are nonstop stress disco clubs, which is why Spencer hasn’t been able to reach the back of her neck in a year and a half, so happiness may not be on the radar for our Liars anytime soon.

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