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Pretty Little Liars Recap, “What Lies Beneath” (Season 3, Episode 10)

In Recaps on August 16, 2012 at 9:57 pm

This week on PLL, lovers were scorned while Ella dated many men. Then Hanna got stabbed (by her own hand) and Wren sewed up her leg. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra continued to squabble and Emily kissed Nate. Read on for our thoughts, musings, and suspicions regarding our favorite Pretty Little Liars.

These two don’t Clash.

Ella is having so much fun dating! What do you think of her choice in men?

Phoebe B: Oh man I’m so excited for her and the hot cafe owner! He is adorable and clearly so into her. Also, I thought his exchange with Aria was hilarious and awkward and I was pleased to find out that Ella was out and about dating up a storm. I really hope he isn’t terrible … the men on this show are so hard to trust! Interesting too that just as Aria and Fitz are starting to have trouble, Ella starts having a fun dating life. Lastly, there final wine filled date looked so fun and cute as did that amazing and delicious-looking picnic he brought her at school.

Sarah T: Aria’s protective warning to Zach—“If you hurt her, I’ll crush your scones”–is most definitely the line of the night. I don’t think Zach is going to be one of the bad apples (of which there are men aplenty on this show), but I do think that he was a little off his rocker bringing Prosecco to drink in the classroom in the middle of the school day! I guess maybe that’s proof that he’s been out of high school long enough to reasonably date Ella.

Good observation about Ella’s dating life picking up just as Aria and Ezra are hitting the rocks, Phoebes. I also think it’s interesting that the Montgomery clan seems to solely date outside their own age range: Aria’s parents date younger, Aria dates older. What will Mikey do? Does Mikey exist anymore? Only time will tell. (Where is Lucas, relatedly, and why isn’t anyone asking him why he had the pills that were used to drug Emily? My beloved show has more dropped plotlines than Bella Swan has dropped spaghetti sauce.)

So many scorned lovers this week. Are you worried about Paige and Wren betrAying the PLLs?

Phoebe B: I am so worried! I feel like Wren was being really nice and patient this episode, until that last moment plus awkward hand touch. But in fairness to him, Hanna is definitely sending some mixed signals. And where is Caleb? I’m super confused as I thought they got back together last episode rather than agreeing to avoid each other. And then Emily! NO! I pulled the blankets over my face when she and Nate started making out. What was she thinking?! Also, it was like the least sexy kiss ever as they have no chemistry. And I felt so bad for Paige … Do you think Emily is going to tell her? It seemed like perhaps that was afoot in pre-swim practice before they were called to go in the pool. But I feel like Paige is rightfully pissed (seriously!) and has been so awesome and supportive of Emily and she likes her so much. Thus, I most worried about her betrAying Emily. What do you think ST?

Sarah T: Yeah, I’m not super-enamored of Paige at this point (she’s just so intense!), but I did feel bad for her when she peeped Emily and Nate accidentally making out. I don’t think she or Wren will end up being the betrAyers, however. Neither seem very A-associated, although of course somebody could have a sudden memory relapse that reveals they were in Fashion Club with Ali the day before she went missing or what have you. On the Wren front, granted Hanna kissed him and there’s clearly an attraction there on both sides, because girl’s not blind. But she gave him two very reasonable reasons why they can’t date (his history with Spencer, her situation with Caleb), so he should listen to those reasons and not loom quite so pleadingly. And maybe try being attracted to girls his own age? Spencer and Hanna is seeming like an Ian-type pattern.

But speaking of betrAyals! My money’s on Toby. Here’s why: he’s super-frustrated with Spencer right now, he was sketchy at the end of the last season (remember how he seemed to be getting chummy with Jenna again and pretended to hate Spencer for confusing reasons? Maybe he’s pretending NOT to hate her!), and everyone keeps talking about how saintly he is (see also: the Dalai Lama comparison in today’s episode). My other top contenders are Lucas and Maya (post-humously).

What do you make of the video Noel sent Spencer? And Maya’s temporary accommodations at the creepy Kahn cabin?

Phoebe B: Scary all around! I can’t believe that Emily and Hanna went out there alone (and that Hanna stabbed herself) and got locked in the creepy cabin. Also, why was Maya staying there? So now we know this is where Maya was staying when she disappeared and that she never got on the bus (remember that episode where Em’s dad helped her look for Maya? Heartbreaking.). Perhaps she found the room when she was at one of Noel and his brother’s super creepy parties.

And that definitely seemed like A that took her near the end of the video, which we now know can’t be Jenna and/or Noel or at least they didn’t kill Maya. After all they might still be part of the A-team. Also, how did Noel know that was what Spencer was looking for? And also why haven’t they shown that video to the police? Is it because Jenna was trying to frame Garrett? Or rather A was trying to frame Garrett and they are part of the A-team? Also, what happened to Jenna’s short-lived terror abotu everyone finding out about her eyesight? I think she was faking it. But oh man, so many things were afoot this week!

Sarah T: First off, why does Noel think it’s hot that Spencer believes he’s capable of murder? I feel like only a murderer would think that! And I’m also not sure exactly why he sent her the video in the first place, except that perhaps he was getting annoyed by her sleuthing and locker-safe-cracking and thought the video would persuade her to bugger off. (Clearly he has no idea who he’s dealing with.) But moving beyond that, it seems like Noel was both Maya’s weed dealer (I buy that connection) and that perhaps he was also providing her with a place to crash whilst high, which would make sense since her parents had her on drug-related parole. Also, I guess Jenna was faking being blind with Noel in the video? I think, timeline-wise, that was after she’d gotten her vision back. Not sure what the significance there is, except that it makes me think they’re not both on the A-team. Unless perhaps the Red Queen keeps her A-team members unenlightened about the developments with the rest of the crew.

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