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Pretty Little Liars Recap, “The Lady Killer” (Season 3 Summer Finale)

In Pretty Little Liars, Recaps on August 31, 2012 at 7:54 pm

This week’s PLL was SO scary and filled with many creepy twists and turns. Plus we got a reveAl, and Paige was cleared of all A-related business. Read on for our thoughts on the PLL summer finale.

Toby?! No! Wait really, do you think he is part of the A-team? Or is he playing Mona?

Sarah T: This reveal made me cackle out loud. And THAT is how you do a twist. I think it’s definitely possible that he’s a double agent who’s crossed over in order to bring down the A-team. He basically threatened to do as much earlier in the season when Spencer was stonewalling him. However, I hope that he’s in the Axis of Black Hoodie Evil for real — not because I want to see Spencer get hurt, but because that is so interesting if it’s true. It’s a total game-changer not just for his character and his relationship with Spencer, but for the entire series. It impacts what we think about his relationship with Jenna: What if she’s the innocent in this scenario? Or what if they’ve both been on the same side the whole time? It also has implications for what we know about the night Jenna got blinded and Ali’s argument with Toby in its aftermath. What if Toby really WAS spying on the PLLs the night of the Jenna Thing? What if Ali had something on him that was bigger than the step-incest intel? I like this plot development for the way it breaks the show open, so I hope it sticks.

Phoebe B: Oh my goodness so many good questions ST! Oh man I actually really hope that Toby is a double Agent and not part of the Axis of Black Hoodie Evil … Mostly I don’t want him to be evil and playing Spencer because they just slept together for the first time (right?) and I feel like it would be super messed up if he was then evil. I feel like if he was evil, then the show would be somehow punishing Spencer for sex and that would make me sad. BUT also, if Toby is indeed evil that would be an insane turn of events since then maybe he really was guilty back when he was accused. And Toby does randomly disappear a lot. Although remember when A-knocked him off that ladder/scaffolding situation at the Hastings? That seemed real and he seemed surprised. But maybe he was playing Jenna or was horrible to her? Rather than the other way around. Oh I don’t know anymore, I’m just so confused!

Do you think Caleb will make it?

Sarah T: For sure I think he’s going to make it. Mostly because, television-plotting-wise: 1. They’d reveal his death in the season finale if he was going to die, not in the season premiere. 2. He’s a series regular. 3. They’d make a bigger deal of his death onscreen rather than have the entire shooting happen offscreen (which, weird choice, PLL!). But also because I love him and I have blinders on to any possibility of a Caleb-absent existence.

Phoebe B: Me too! Or at least I hope so. He is the best. That was such a weird choice! I felt like maybe it was supposed to create suspense or something … But then again the focus on the gun throughout the episode was SO ridiculous. Foreshadowing? Yes I think so. I too am a devoted Caleb fan therefore I choose to believe that he shall live a long and happy, albet mildy troubled by A life, full of computer hacking and hanging out with Hanna in Rosewood.

What were Mona’s best-laid plans? And how great was she as a nurse (from like the 1950s)?

Sarah T: SO GREAT. Also I loved Janel Parrish’s face as she listened to another member of the A-team on the phone: her expression darkened from a self-assured wickedness to worried determination. She’s such an exciting actress. I think the original idea was that Mona and Toby were going to meet Paige at the cemetery (as described in the initial A text Paige receives) — to do what, I’m not sure, since it sounds like they’d already planted Maya’s cell phone in her purse. Maybe they were going to do something there that would further their attempt to frame her for Maya’s murder? But then Nate kidnapped Paige, which screwed up the A-team plans. I have no idea what she was told on the phone that made her turn so serious. Initially I thought it might have been instructions to take someone out, but now I’m not so sure.

Phoebe B: I love Janel Parrish and Mona SO much. She was so devilish, and confusingly so, in this episode. Sometimes I thought she broke out to help the PLLs (remember the code?) and at other times I thought she was the ringleader. But where is the woman in the red coat from last season? Good guess, ST! I think they were definitely going to lead the PLLs to believe that Paige was involved and/or on the A-team, which might then drive Paige to the A-team! So clever and evil. I LOVED how Mona narrated what would happen once the PLLs found Maya’s phone in Paige’s stuff … She was so dead on and it just showed how much more of an evil genius (slash how smart) she is.

Did Nate kill Maya?

Sarah T: As is the case with so many PLL showdowns, the show carefully orchestrated Nate’s dialogue to be vague-yet-sinister on this matter. My guess is no, because otherwise why would the A-team have been trying to frame Paige for Maya’s death? Nate was a crazed stalker, but not a killer — at least, not until he got it into his head to put a knife to Paige’s neck.

Phoebe B: I concur. But also, what was the point of that plot line? Was it to throw another red herring at us? And divert our attention away from A-team suspects? This particular plot line was zero sense to me and Nate turned out to be crazy creepy but again it made no sense. I preferred him as Maya’s cousin … Also, who in this episode was the “the lady killer” of the title? Was it Nate because he tried to kill Emily? Or Toby because he did something we don’t know about yet?

Two random final thoughts: 1) The final scene where Emily comes over and hugs Hanna was so sweet and heartbreaking. But I’m glad the PLLs are all back together again. I don’t like it when they are on the outs and not trusting each other. And 2) Where is Lucas??

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