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Weekly Round-Up

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2012 at 11:10 am

Lady Gaga, Beauty, Ugliness, and the Call for a Real Body Revolution:

The Crunk Feminist Collective considers how race, age, ability, gender and sex fit into Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution: “When ‘ugliness’ carries the threat of violence and disenfranchisement, what does it mean to embrace  ‘ugly?’ For a person whose body is dehumanized and positioned as the very definition of undesirable, is it possible to ‘redefine heinous?'”

The Kissing Sailor, or The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture:

We’ve all seen the iconic V-J Day picture of the sailor and the nurse a thousand times. But I’d never really seen it until I read this piece by Crates and Ribbons.

Men Who Rock!:

Emily Nokes and Bree McKenna skewer the sexism that runs rampant through music journalism in this very special feature from The Stranger. “With male-fronted bands, male solo acts, and even all-male bands becoming more and more commonplace, 2012 has definitely been the year of fierce men in music. They’re starting to rock all the genres, too: provocative punks, steamy rock ‘n’ rollers, dashing cowboy sweethearts, hiphop hunks—men are even making it in the complicated world of electronic music!”

Fun with Stereotypes:

Stereotypes aren’t all bad. Sady Doyle declares her love for Britta Perry, Janis Ian, and other cartoonishly lovable pop culture icons.

The Killer Crush: The Horror of Teen Girls, from Columbiners to Beliebers:

GLG pal Rachel Monroe on the subversive potential of celebrity crushes: “As every woman who pledged her teenage devotion to someone embarrassing (I’m sorry, Gavin) could tell you, a crush is more about the crusher than the crushee. Perhaps what’s so disturbing about the Columbiners is not who they’re crushing on, but how it’s actually not so difficult to imagine what it might be like to be one.”


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