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GLG Year-End Picks: Phoebe’s Top 5 TV Shows

In ABC Soaps, Dance Academy, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, Television on December 19, 2012 at 11:31 am

I watch a lot of TV. Like a lot. Thus, I was excited to put together this list, which did prove quite hard as there is a lot of fun TV out there right now. Anyway, as I made this list, I realized that all my favorite shows feature amazing leading ladies (both on and off-screen). This top five (perhaps save for PLL) is in no order in particular.

1) Pretty Little Liars


PLL continues its reign in my top spot. I realize this is not a 2012 show BUT last season was so good. It included such gems as a Psycho-esque season finale, a Rear Window reference, and Jenna regaining her sight in the best femme fatale scene ever. Oh and then there is Mona … the best villainess ever.

2) The Mindy Project


I was sold by the preview and the pilot. There is something so hilarious and charming about the Mindy Project and its hilarious and pretty awesome (and very pretty) heroine. I love Mindy’s spacey and craziness, but also that she has this super successful and amazing career. Most recently, we saw sadly that her new boyfriend turned out to be a jerk, but the highlight of the episode was how great her friends were afterwards. Basically, The Mindy Project is delightful and snarky simultaneously.

3) Scandal


Scandal is both awesome and historic. This Shondha Rhimes show is the first successful drama starring an African American female lead. Also, Kerri Washington is amazing as Olivia Pope, a high level Washington, D.C. fixer based on Judy Smith. While the first season was both intriguing and steamy, Olivia and her team primarily came off as always inhabiting the moral high ground. Season 2, however, is getting more and more interesting as the characters grow more complicated, the scandal goes deeper, and Oliva continues to be super badass.

4) Parks and Rec 


Again, I realize P&R has been on the air for a while, but Leslie Knope I love you. P&R is hilarious and its cast is incredible. If you’ve never seen P&R, start at Season 2 (as Sarah T. once wisely instructed me). As Donna and Tom might say, “Treat yo self” to some P&R for the holidays.

5) Dance Academy, Season 2


Season 1 was great too, but Season 2 aired in 2012. Then again, I watched it all on Netflix in a dance-marathon event. But Season 2 was amazing and perhaps one of the most wonderful and emotional seasons of television I’ve ever seen.

  1. I love Dance Academy so much that I get emotional just hearing you talk about how emotional it is.

  2. These all shows are leading by the ladies and these all are best tvshows to watch..

    A good collection of tvshows..

  3. […] character that’s tipped me over the edge is Huck on Scandal, the addictive-as-caramel-popcorn television drama by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. […]

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