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Pretty Little Liars, “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted”, Season 3, Episode 19

In Pretty Little Liars on February 15, 2013 at 11:09 am

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Emily continued to be the most proactive PLL, confronting Spencer about her bad behavior (“You don’t have a monopoly on pain!”) and teaming up with Jason DiLaurentis to find out more about Ali’s relationship with Detective Wilden. Aria spent some quality time with Mini-Fitz and the always entertaining CeCe Drake, who later disappeared and lied to them about her whereabouts. (BUT TO WHAT END?) Meanwhile, Hanna campaigned for a Caleb-father reunion, and if you looked inside Spencer’s brain right now it would pretty much just be Quiz Bowl – Quiz Bowl – Staring at the Fruit Bowl It Looks Like a Quiz Bowl – Quiz Bowl – Quiz Bowl – Quiz Bowl – MONA RAWR – Quiz Bowl.

Spencer’s wrath is transforming her into quite the seductress, between strip-World History-quizzing with that hot burly quiz dude and then giggling her way into an impromptu road trip with Wren. But it’s all to the same end: to drink Mona’s blood/get back on the academic decathlon team. Which seem to currently be the same thing in her eyes. What’s your take on Our Lady of Vengeance this week?

Phoebe B: I feel like I totally understand why Spencer is so full of revenge (it is all highly reasonable) … But I keep hoping that she something else is afoot with her. Like I hope calculating and brilliant (old) Spencer is up to something, like making Mona think she is losing it and therefore feel powerful. I seriously just keep hoping that Spencer’s downward spiral is part of some giant plot to trick Mona. Into what, I’m not sure. But I think Spencer is so great and I want to see her triumph. That said, strip tease Spencer to tackling Mona Spencer is pretty terrifying and also kind of awesome.

Sarah T: Oh that’s an interesting thought that she’s playing Mona, Phoebes! I’ve been buying her deterioration full stop. I mean, her hair is in a frizzy ponytail. A FRIZZY PONYTAIL! (Note: My hair is often in a frizzy ponytail, but Spencer’s mane is normally shiny and swishy like a Garnier Fructis commercial. Clearly this is a sign of end-times.) However! Maybe she does have a master plan in place.

Also, for character motivation reasons I’m relieved A threatened to off one of the Liars if Spencer exposed Toby’s secret. We haven’t gotten much insight into why Spencer has been hiding the truth from her pals, but this at least gave her a reason to keep mum going forward.

Cece Drake, what secrets are you hiding beneath your Ali-like blonde curls? What were you arguing about with Melissa the night Ali died, why did you lie to Emily about knowing Detective Wilden, and why did you ensnare Aria and mini-Fitz within your weird imaginary clothing store photo shoot only to abandon them and (maybe) trick them into spilling red wine on the carpet?

Phoebe B: Cece scares me … Also, why was she wearing the same shirt as Ali that night? I feel like she is a wee bit evil as demonstrated by her sitting in her car during the weird fake photo shoot. I feel like her abandoning Aria and Wes at that moment was meant to push them into romantic times. I also feel like she looks enough like Ali to be the girl in red … But why would she have it out for the PLLs? Did Ali do something to her? Like steal Wilden maybe? But then why would she be after the PLLs? Aaah I’m so confused!

Sarah T: Yes I think Cece could be the lady in red too, though I agree, it doesn’t make sense that she’d have it out for the Liars. The revelation that she was dressed identically to Ali the night she died is actually kind of comforting, because it helps explain why Ali managed to transcend laws of space and time so frequently on that fateful evening. Though it does throw some previous sightings and interactions into question. Most pressing for me at the moment, though, is what on earth she was up to with Aria the night of the photo shoot. Why would she have a stake in her and mini-Fitz getting together? The only thing that makes sense to me is if she ran away to plant the whiskey bottles at Jason’s house/cut the elevator cable, though in that case I don’t know what she needed Aria around for in the first place.

Jason the beautiful Ken doll disappeared from his hospital bed after surviving the scariest elevator-plummet of our time. Did he vanish on his own accord, or did somebody else abracadabra yet another DiLaurentis?

Phoebe B: Good question! I’m super confused by this disappearance as well. I feel like somebody moved him … But also after his odd friendship with Mona, I’m not sure I trust him anymore. Although the adventure with Emily and his saving her seemed for real. Also, that elevator plummet was terrifying. Do you think Jason knew that he would survive? Like he helped Emily out and then let the doors slam because he was in on it in order to gain Emily’s trust.

Sarah T: I’m thinking he booked it from the hospital bed because he was scared that whoever was going after the NAT club would track him down there. Your question about Jason setting himself up is interesting, Phoebes! I guess it’s possible that he had a plan to pause the elevator’s plummet or something, but I don’t really think that he’d take that risk with his own life (it def looked like it was in free-fall to me). But we shall see!

What’s up with all the whiskey in the last two episodes? Last week’s A-tag was A buying some of that sweet brown stuff, now A’s decorating Jason’s porch with like thousands of dollars’ worth of whiskey and playing spin-the-Liars-bottle with it too.

Phoebe B: Also, confusing. Basically I spent most of the episode being moderately confused. That was super weird and odd that Jason suggested it was like something Ali would do … which again made me think Cece would know that, right? In the A-tag from last week, I so wanted to see whose name was on the ID or credit card (when they bought the whisky) and looked really hard to no avail. Do you think the kind of whiskey is important?

Sarah T: I think PLL made some kind of placement deal with Jameson.

Hanna succeeded in her mission to get Caleb and his dad headed down the path to reconciliation. But it looks like Elder Rivers may not have left his thieving ways behind him. Do you think Caleb’s father is bound to disappoint him?

Phoebe B: Yes. Also, why was there die on the money? That seemed oddly cryptic to me. I feel like I was hopeful when he showed up for coffee, but then less so when he paid with the stolen money. I wonder too if Hanna will tell Caleb and then it will become a problem in their relationship.

Sarah T: I think the die didn’t have any real significance, they were just a convenient plot device so that we would know that the $5 bill was the same one. I think it’s possible that A planted that particular bill in his wallet (A’s been known to do much sneaker things!). But the more likely explanation is that he’s still got a bit of smooth criminal in him. However! Hanna herself started off as a shoplifter extraordinaire, and her mom is a straight-up embezzler. So I wouldn’t put Caleb’s dad past redemption yet. After all, he gets how awesome Hanna is, which is a good start for any human being’s redemption track.

  1. you guuys!!! I need to read your opinions about the last episodes!!!!!! I am BESIDE myself, think my heart is going to beat its way right out of my chest, how will I wait until JUNE for the next episode?!?! (PS: I never comment {sorry!!} but I come here after every episode to read your view on it, you help me digest the craziness that is PLL, so don’t stop!!) looking forward to your next update 😉

    • Thanks Lecinda!!! Have you watched the season finale yet? We will probably be back (at least on and off for the summer!) for more PLL madness …

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