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Pretty Little Liars Recap Times Two: Season 3, Episodes 20 (“Hot Water”) and 21 (“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”)

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Things literally heAted up on Pretty Little Liars last week: Spencer got steamed in the shower (that looked awful!) but also got steamy with Wren; Fitz is back and baby drama is definitely afoot; Emily and Paige had a heart to heart; and Ashley was tormented by Wilden. Importantly too, Spencer has risen from her dark phoenix phase and is back (I think) with a smart-as-a-whip vengeance. Then this week, Toby mAybe is dead and Spencer is heartbroken; Aria is not ready to be a parent; and Emily was badass. But until then, here are our thoughts on this week’s PLL revelations.

Last week, Spencer was back! But now, after finding Toby’s dead body in the woods, Spencer is a mess–and institutionalized at Radley. Discuss.

Phoebe B: I was so excited last week to see Spencer back and on fire. But then, the scary steamy shower and her confession to the PLLs about Toby (why doesn’t Emily believe her??) and the downward spiral begins again. It was so sad to see her break down and then be picked up in the morning by the park rangers, and that last scene of her sitting in the bed staring off into space. I wonder if the nurse’s feet we saw were the lady in red/A-leader? Also, do you think just maybe that Spencer is faking it to get close to the truth? I really hope this is all part of her big plan (even though I would quite surprised I suppose if that was indeed the case).

Sarah T: I do think it’s possible that Spencer is faking–perhaps as a way to lure in Mona–but I think she’s probably grieving too much to be plotting simultaneously.

Detective Wilden is Rosewood’s number 1 creep and this week he had it out for Hanna and Ashley. What do you make of his encounters with the Marin ladies? And where did he go after Ashley ran him over?

Phoebe B: He is! But I do think he is perhaps dead in the woods OR potentially in the car. I thought he was horrible to Hanna and Ashley, but I thought it was good that there was proof he was threatening both the Marin ladies (ie the video feed in his car). I think two things are possible post-accident … one, that his body is in fact the one Spencer found in the woods (thinking it was Toby), or two, his body was in the car that Hanna and Aria pushed into the lake (I feel distinctly that pushing the car in was a very bad idea).

Sarah T: Hahahaha don’t you think pushing the police car into the lake was totally the large-scale version of Hanna and her mom’s general approach to problem-solving? Small incriminating evidence they throw in sinks and blenders, large ones they push into bodies of water. Also sometimes embezzled money goes in lasagna boxes. A place for everything and everything in its place. MARINS I LOVE YOU. But yes, I do think that Wilden is probably dead and either taking Toby’s posthumous place or in the trunk of the police car. My money’s on the former, because I don’t think Toby’s really a goner.

Also, I’m confused by the video in the police car. It totally exonerates Ashley, right? You can hear Wilden threatening Hanna and see him getting rough with her. You can’t see him pull the gun, but it’s pretty clear he is not acting in official above-board cop capacity. This makes me think she’s going to trial but that she’ll be cleared by the video down the line.

CeCe: liar or truth-teller? Discuss.

Phoebe B: Liar. Definitely. She scares me and I think (on occasion) that she is the lady in red … I mean she has the right look with the long blond hair and all. Also, she did weirdly leave Aria and baby Fitz together at the shop and lie to them. Plus, I feel like I totally did not believe her about planning to leave Rosewood and being scared of Wilden. I definitely think she is involved in all this scary A-business, but the question then I guess is why. Like why would she have it out for Ali and the PLLs?

Sarah: Yeah CeCe’s definitely a liar, but so is literally every single person on this show (including the good guys), so that doesn’t necessarily make her malevolent. I think she might be involved in either the A-team or in the Ali’s death mystery, but I doubt she’s the big kahuna on either front. She doesn’t read dark (or crazy) enough for that. She just seems like an adult version of Ali with lots more vocal fry and, I have to say, significantly less cruelty. (CeCe doesn’t strike me as much of a bully so far, just manipulative and alpha-girl. Whereas Ali really went for the jugular.)

Is Toby really deAd? Who is his creepy friend? And what is this strange workshop place?

Phoebe B: I think not but maybe but mostly I think not. I think that body is not his but rather a) Wilden’s or b) a man who was living in the woods. I feel too that because Spencer didn’t take off his helmet, we’re definitely supposed to think that Toby is potentially still alive. In other news, why did A send Emily to the alley? I feel like re-encountering the weird friend (who is he??) plus seeing the Lady in Red, seemed to serve no real purpose. The workshop place was super creepy but also I totally did not understand it. What do you think ST?

Sarah: Toby’s alive! I also think we would have seen his face if he was really dead. ALTHOUGH we didn’t see Maya’s body either, and she really was dead. So who knows. I think his strange co-worker is just somebody A’s paying off to act weird and confuse Emily, which: Good work, A.

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