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“A” is for I MISSED U GUYS: Pretty Little Liars 4.1

In Pretty Little Liars on June 13, 2013 at 8:59 pm

Our beloved little liars are back in all their lying and being pretty glory. Safe to say, things are getting wackier than ever now: Ali might be alive, Melissa is certainly evil, Wilden is dead, and a hot new cop is on the case. Also, Mona is back and more marvelous than ever.

We are trying out a new recap style, picking apart the best and worst of each week’s episode. Let us know your favorite and least favorite moments in the comments.

The Best!

Phoebe B:

1) Obviously, Mona. But, I think we might agree that Mona is almost always the best? I like this new turn wherein she is part of the liars group. I did feel bad for her though at Wilden’s funeral when they didn’t save her a seat. Also, I have no idea if I can trust her in this new seemingly nice incarnation.

2) Mrs. D is back and scary. How terrifying was that shot of her in the window staring blankly at Spencer?! It also reminded me of some other similar shot from some time ago, but I can’t place it.

3) The new handsome cop. I was just so over Wilden and feel glad he is gone (although I still don’t understand the pig in the trunk situation). This new cop seems more interesting and more fun to look at.

Sarah T:

Ohh yeah let’s talk about that handsome cop. I liked his mumbly Jimmy Stewart ways and his cheekbones. I feel that I can trust him. (I probably should not trust him.) I’d say that there has to be at least one non-crooked cop in Rosewood, but why should that be, really? All the men in Rosewood over age 18 are psychopaths, so why shouldn’t the same rule apply to law enforcement officials?

My favorites were:

1.) Mona and Hanna’s reignited friendship-love affair. I was disappointed by all the focus on Mona-Spencer in the back half of last season. Sure, they’re both geniuses living in adrenalized hyper-realities, but Hanna and Mona’s relationship is much more complicated and interesting to me. All the back and forth about who really loved who, who betrayed who, who’s more heartbroken and more wronged–they’re practically the Oliva and Fitz of PLL. Like Mona straight-up admitted the reason she joined the A-team is because Hanna went back to her old friends when Ali’s body was found. So in her mind, Hanna’s the one who betrayed her. But Hanna, occupying a more clear-eyed reality, knows you can be friends with more than one person at a time and that she was friends with Mona all along–right up until the moment she found out her BFF was a crazed stalker/spy/blackmailer. And even after she’s been remarkably understanding, when you think about it. Anyway, I don’t trust Mona’s new and improved incarnation, but I do believe what she said to Hanna: she really was her friend once. Which means they may be friends again yet.

2.) Aria and Fitz are broken up right now, that’s so cool. I really liked the part where we thought he was going to go to jail. I was talking about that scene with my friend Christine, and she was like, “Yeah, too bad it was a dream sequence, I was interested to see where that storyline was going.” Bwahahaaa, everyone hates Ezra. But I’m sure the tweens in the PLL audience were freaking out during that dream sequence. (No knocks to tweens, it’s just I think you have to be past the legal drinking age to understand why the Fitz-Aria relationship is so utterly messed up.)

3.) The PLL’s interpretations of funeral-appropriate formal wear. Especially Hanna’s illusion netting and revealing top, because she had the most grievances with Wilden so naturally she wouldn’t be too worried about looking respectful as he passes on to the Great Creepster Beyond.

The Worst!

Phoebe B:

Hanna’s hats, headbands, and general head things. I was so distracted the whole time by whatever was going on with her headgear. Also, Aria’s dream sequence wherein Ezra is arrested. I was not feeling that at all. I was, however, (as you say ST) feeling the Ezra going to jail part and Aria wanting to see other people … it was just the dream sequence, that was like what?!

Sarah T:

I was pretty bored by that pig in the trunk. I guess the fact that the pig was actually Wilden makes up for it, though. Wait, did he transmorgify? Is he an Animus?

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