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A Real Shoe-Dunnit: Pretty Little Liars Recap 4.2

In girl culture, Pretty Little Liars, Recaps on June 25, 2013 at 3:42 pm


Phoebe B: Mona, of course. I loved her eavesdropping at the police station and if she is playing the PLLs, she is doing a mighty scary and good job.

Also, I love Spencer so much and how she was so badass in this episode what with her realizing the bird was singing a dial tone. Amazing. I’m really not sure how she figured it out, but yeah pretty impressive. In other Spencer news, do you think that she didn’t get into Penn because of A? And was Ezra’s advice reasonable, because I kind of think Spencer had a point?

I loved that Aria was taking self-defense classes, but her kiss goes in my worst column this week. Why Aria?! I just wanted to see her be tough and defend herself.

The Ali flashback was, as always, awesome. It was helpful to see Ali’s super-manipulative relationship with her mother but now we know that Ali was also keeping her mom’s secrets (bloody mary for lunch), lying to her mother about the beach house, talking to a parrot, and holding her breath for super long. I wonder, does this mean Mrs. D becomes a suspect in Ali’s murder? Or, is she really hiding Ali?

Sarah T: The Ali flashback was my favorite part too. Sasha Pieterse is one talented queen bee. And seeing Ali’s messed-up, icy, manipulative relationship with her mom helps explain the dark clock that made our girl tick.

I think Spence had a point about being real in her college applications, but I also think that people (teens in particular) can be too eager to play up the super-dramatic, heart-wrenching narratives of their lives in college application essays, as if to be a worthy person you have to be damaged. You know what I mean? Like YES Spencer has been through so much. But there’s the issue of exploiting yourself, too. I think it’s tricky. I wouldn’t judge her at all if she wrote about A, but I think Ezra’s advice has some truth in it too.


Phoebe B: What is happening with Ashley Marin? I’m NOT pumped about her as the next evil murderer. I love Ashley and her giant glasses of wine so much. But also, I guess she is probably not Wilden’s murderer since PLL is pointing us so hard in that direction. Other worsts for me in this episode were the bird (I really don’t like birds), A feeding bird to the bird (gross! and evil.), and also Toby. I am NOT loving Toby right now. He just keeps lying and being weird and dramatic. Also, why must Aria only be interested in inappropriate older men and teachers?

Emily hitting her head and losing her scholarship. The worst. Her telling Paige what is afoot = heartbreaking (Paige is totally the best).

Sarah T: Ahh I am actually super pumped about Ashley’s murderess prowess. I like how she drinks wine in the dark now and stares at dirty pumps, that’s how I like to unwind after work too. BUT I don’t think she’s the murderer, I think Shayna’s the murder, because what’s the point of Shayna.

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