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Masks, Melissa, and Mischief: Pretty Little Liars Recap, 4.3

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2013 at 7:04 pm


Phoebe B: The super creepy mask guy who is obsessed with Emily as Medusa: Aria, “What do you want?” Mask guy to Emily, “Your face.” Love it. Hanna being bad ass and awesome and taking initiative, both getting the PLLs to go see the mask guy and then snooping when they are there. Go Hanna! (Aside: I would be so incredibly terrified at that mask place by all the creepy masks. I really don’t like masks.)

Aria and Ella. I love Ella and I so want her to go on an adventure with the hot baker guy: “I was giving my mother permission to go off and join the circus.”

Melissa is back! And her face is in a mask. Creepy. But also, I am pleased to see the return of one of my favorite PLL possibly-villains.

Sarah T: YES that mask scene was so classic PLL. I was really worried that it was going to start burning Emily’s face horribly or something but no. I also like that Ali hid a mask of her own face inside another mask, that’s a cool teen girl hobby.

I am thrilled for Ella that she is off to Vienna to make pastries in a castle with the Von Trapp Family Singers, but sad for us, her fans and loyal viewers! She can’t go, can she? Let her not go the way of Invisible Mikey Montgomery.


Phoebe B: Toby! AAAAAH. I cannot stand him right now and also I do not trust him. Not one ounce. But he is so weepy and annoying. And where is Mona? No Mona = the worst. But, I agree with the PLLs: not knowing where Mona is, is pretty much as scary as when she is around all the time. I also miss Jenna. Where are all the amazing femme fatales of PLL? I must admit too that I’m not completely sure what happened in this week’s episode of PLL.

It’s possible I was distracted by watching the Wendy Davis (#standwithwendy) fillibuster and other big news events like SCOTUS’ bad decision on the Voting Rights Act and good decision on striking down DOMA. Thus, it’s highly likely I missed key PLL plot points. But, ST do you know what was happening this week?

Sarah T: No I do not! But plot isn’t very important to me when I watch PLL; I just let the show float over me like an insanely dark summer breeze. The worst for me was seeing poor Ashley sadly contemplating the faucet in the bathroom. Whatever happened with her that night, it is something very miserable. I hate seeing my favorite PLL mom so torn up! Drinking wine evilly in the dark is one thing, but this lonesome hiding-in-the-bathroom routine is quite another.

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