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How To Be Awesome Like Claire Underwood

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Sarah S.

In the first episode of Netflix’s House of Cards, one recognizes immediately that Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is Lady Macbeth to devious congressman Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) Macbeth/Richard III hybrid. But despite her overt support of villainy, Claire is easily one of the most fascinating women in a current series. Here’s how to be awesome like Claire Underwood.

-Marry not because you’ll be “happy” or “stable” or have a passel of children. Marry because your Intended promises you’ll never be bored.

-Know what you want and go after it.

-Look your age but with an unwavering running schedule, an amazing haircut, and a wardrobe of dresses to die for. (I love how this show plays off Wright’s star text by hearkening back to Princess Buttercup and her being the “most beautiful woman in the world.”)


-Have a hot, art photographer ex-lover in Manhattan on speed dial for whenever you’re feeling a little bit down and/or your husband is being an unsupportive ass.

-Have a true companionate marriage based on absolute honesty and respect and so

-Be pissed as hell when your husband begins to sacrifice your career for his and asks you to make compromises he’d never ask of himself.


-Be part of an interesting experiment in the evolution of “television.” House of Cards, Netflix’s foray into series making, has flaws but it’s super interesting on multiple levels nevertheless. If nothing else, am I irritated that Claire’s sense that her life is missing something is manifesting in her wondering if she should have had (and should pursue having) children? Absolutely. Because it’s boring and cliché and so obnoxiously obvious and typical—e.g. not like Claire at all. (Related, I also hate that in her discussion with her doctor we receive two pieces of medical misinformation: first, that despite what she’s heard her age is no impediment to a healthy pregnancy; second, that her uncomplicated abortions might have negatively affected her fertility.) However, perhaps we are supposed to think that this newfound desire is misplaced, given what we know of both Underwoods. Only time will tell if Claire will be crushed by the inevitable tumbling of this House of Cards.

GLG Weekly Round-Up

In DNC, election 2012, Weekly Round-Up on September 8, 2012 at 8:11 am

Like a few of you (perhaps) I spent much of my week watching the DNC. Thus, here are just a couple DNC-ish-themed links from around the web this week. Any great-election-related links? Share in the comments!

On the amazing Melissa Harris Perry and eloquent rage, “At the risk of sounding angry” from the Crunk Feminist Collective.

And MHP talks about that same rage, American politics, and more in “5 Questions for MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry,” from Raw Story.

Karen Cox talks about marketing Charlotte for and during the DNC in “DNC Watch: Charlotte Businesses Play the Southern Card” over at Pop South.

Two historically black fraternities create a super PAC to re-elect Obama and register a million voters: “Can a Super PAC of Black Fraternity Brothers Register a Million Voters for Obama?” over at Colorlines.