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Commenting on GLG

First, thanks for taking the time to read and comment here. We really appreciate all our readers, and this comment policy is meant to foster a healthy and productive space for debate and critical engagement. We just have a few ground rules.

1) Please do not make personal attacks. That is, do not call any of our writers fat, stupid, crazy, or any race-based slur. Racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other kind of bigotry will not be tolerated on GLG.

2) Please don’t respond to critiques about racism, sexism, or homophobia by telling writers that they are too sensitive. We definitely welcome (and even encourage) disagreements on GLG, but please disagree by engaging the writer and their post in a well-reasoned and thoughtful way. Don’t just dismiss other writers’ or commenters’ views.

We reserve the right to delete (or not publish) comments that do not meet the above criteria. And thanks to Racialicious, whose awesome commenting policy provided the basis for our own.

If you have any questions about commenting here, please e-mail us at


Sarah & Phoebe

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