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Pretty Little Liars Recap, “Hack, Hack” (Season 2, Episode 19)

In girl culture, Pretty Little Liars on February 15, 2012 at 10:02 pm

This week the PLLs threw a swim meet party; learned out to hack computers (and defeated evil police man Garrett); learned some fighting secrets; and chatted with newly revealed siblings. Read on for thoughts and musings on this week’s episode.

What did you think about Hanna and Spencer’s hacking skills?

Sarah: I had fun watching them nervously snap at each other while the countdown was on, but I thought it was silly that a) Hanna wouldn’t have figured out what 1105 was (since she clearly knows when they first slept together, given that she has the breakthrough at the last second) and b) that they were being super-slow in actually doing things on the computer just to add the dramatic tension. I don’t know, the only exciting computer scene I’ve ever seen on film is the one where the kid hacks into the system to give dinosaurs a virus in Jurassic Park.

Phoebe: I also could not figure out why everything was SO slow. It made me nostalgic for The Net, that Sandra Bullock internet movie from the 1990s. Amazing. But yes, I agree I enjoyed their snappish-ness and that they were successful (including the Hanna-Caleb bragging kiss in front of the police station).

Thoughts on Holden’s super secret reveal? And Aria’s standing-up of Ezra?

Sarah: I’m actually going to quote Jacob from Television Without Pity on this, because I loved what he had to say about this plot element:

These girls, and Holden, are dealing with the prospect of their mortality in a way nobody this young should never have to, and that’s a terrible thing. So when [Aria] ditches her date with Ezra, the plot result is that Byron never sees Ezra — although Ezra spots him, and jumps a foot in the air — but the reason she stays is to watch somebody fuckin’ fight. And I found that really beautiful.

Phoebe: Oh that is a great! And I totally agree and also I am hoping that in terms of plot, this sets up some sort of fun Holden-Aria-Ezra intrigue.

What do you think is going on with Maya and why was she chatting with Jason?

Sarah: I’m curious if it’s going to turn out that Jason is the mystery stalker ex. Or it could be that she was talking about drug-type things with Jason. Or both!

Phoebe: I feel like both might be true! I am not trusting Maya right now, particularly given that she may or may not have run off to San Francisco at the end of the episode. Plus, I am worried that Em’s faith in her may or may not wind up putting Emily in danger …

How do you see Spencer and Jason’s relationship with each other developing now that they know they’re half-siblings?

Sarah: I’d glad they’re teaming up and acknowledging that they both have the Hastings-win gene that makes them so tenacious. And besides the PLLs, Jason is probably the person with the most reason to want to figure out who A was and solve Ali’s murder–that is, assuming that he isn’t involved/implicated in either of them. I wonder if the old Aria-Jason connection will rise up again now that he’s joining Caleb as a mystery-cracking adjunct member of the PLLs?

Phoebe: I too am so glad that they are teaming up! And that Aria-Jason intrigue could add a lot of ridiculousness to the plot, which would be amazing. Also, I am so glad that the PLLs are reaching out to people outside their circle as it seems wise, although also potentially quite dangerous I suppose. But also, I’m glad that Jason came around to realizing it perhaps was not Mr. Spencer who was being blackmailed by Ali. And why didn’t anyone consider that Jason’s mom was the one being blackmailed?

And, who was that creepy phone company guy? And what does he know?!

Phoebe: Oh my goodness he was so creepy. My question now is, will Spencer get the money to pay him off from Jason? And if so, what will be learn? Or will A figure out they the PLLs are onto her/him/them and kill of the phone guy (who was truly creepy).

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